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Three keys to out-performance at scale:

1. Hire the right people
2. Set them up to be successful (from vision to values)
3. Get out of their way.

The beginning of wisdom is to desire it

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*Take Responsibility to Change Yourself*

´Sorry´- is a statement.
´I won´t do it again´- is a promise.
´How do I make it up to you´- is responsibility.

We only promise. We do not take responsibility to change ourselves. That´s why the same incidents keeps happen again and again in our lives. Infact it happens with more intensity. Because the factor of taking risks increases.

The first 10 is stolen. Then 20 is stolen. Then 50 is stolen. Then it is 100.

You will be able to change yourself if you are in search of Truth. Otherwise if you have to change someone in life then your counselling will never work.

The harder you #work for something the greater you´ll #feel when you finally #achieve it.

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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

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Leave the Past Think Today Do it Tomorrow.
Past Hurts Today is gift Tomorrow is mystery.

There’s a crack (or cracks) in everyone…that’s how the light of God gets in.

I am thankful to all those who said NO to me It´s
because of them I did it myself.

The big art of living

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Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”

intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life it will improve the lives of all those around you.

It´s none of my #business what people say of me and #think of #me.
I am what I am and I do what I do.
I expect #nothing and #accept #everything.
and it makes #life so much #easier.

How times changed
The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a picture of him sleeping in the street under his famous bronze statue and wrote sadly (How times changed).

The reason he wrote the sentence was not only because he was old but because when the governor of California opened the hotel with the statue in front of him. The hotel officials told Arnold: ´At any time you can come and have a room reserved in your name´. When Arnold left judgment and went to the hotel the administration refused to give him a room arguing that the hotel was fully booked.

He brought a cover and slept under the statue and asked people to imagine it. He wants to convey a message that when he was in a position they were praising him and when he lost this position they forgot and did not fulfill their promise to him. Yes times have changed. Do not trust your position or your owner or your power or your intelligence. All of this will not last.
In life after death

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.

How you make your money is more important than how much you make

You have Enemies?
It Means you stood up for something at some point in you life.

The only way to avoid pissing people off is to do nothing important.

True Happiness
#purpose is that feeling that you are part of something #bigger than #yourself
that you are needed that you have something #better ahead to work for it.
purpose is what create true #happiness.

Try to see a treasure in everyone

if you don´t use it you lose it.

if you don´t love it you are going to fail.

People inspire you or they drain you pick them wisely

N is I
Nothing is Impossible.

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Short book : So Good They Can´t Ignore You
Here are five steps to becoming so good they´ll have to pay attention.

Some people love you when they need you and some people love you until you need them. Among them there are very few that love you without any conditions.
This is the reality.

Maxim for life: You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.

We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts.

Facts about the Human Body
#human_body is one the most Amazing things in the nature and every minute that passes it´s getting more excited to know #human #body. there are 20 #amazing facts we would like to add here.

Google’s Internet Services Has 2 Billion Lines Of Code Which Is 40 Times Size Of The The Windows
According to Google Engineering Manager Rachel Potvin at an engineering conference in Silicon Valley on Monday estimated that the software required to run all of Google’s Internet services from Gmail to Google Search to Google Maps extends to about 2 billion lines of code in comparison to Microsoft’s Windows operating system which is likely around 50 million lines of code. This means that the size of the software required for the Google service is 40 times the size of the Windows.