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You know, I started my career in #politics in 1967. I’m not new to this. I did not just fall off the Christmas tree. I understand the world is complex. I know that there are people out there who want to hurt other people.

When times are tough and people are frustrated and angry and hurting and uncertain, the #politics of constant conflict may be good, but what is good #politics does not necessarily work in the real world. What works in the real world is cooperation.

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education all #politics can do is keep us out of war.

These things will destroy the human race: #politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and worship without awareness.

At present, our country needs women’s idealism and determination, perhaps more in #politics than anywhere else.

A lot of women these days, a lot of young women don’t want to call themselves feminists. You have this cheap, hideous ’girl power’ sort of fad, which I think is pretty benign at best, but at worst, I think it’s a way of taking the #politics out of feminism and making it some kind of fashion.

If everybody in this town connected with #politics had to leave town because of chasing women and drinking, you would have no government.

In #politics women type the letters, lick the stamps, distribute the pamphlets and get out the vote. Men get elected.

It is easier for women to succeed in business, the arts, and #politics in America than in Europe.

What’s different now is that while political leaders used to give talking points to talk radio, now talk-radio hosts are giving talking points to political leaders. It’s all part of the suffocating spin cycle we’re in. In media, #politics and publishing, the conventional wisdom is to play to this base.

Community organizing is all about building grassroots support. It’s about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. And it’s about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company #politics and instead playing the game by very different rules.

Magnanimity in #politics is not seldom the truest wisdom and a great empire and little minds go ill together.

In almost every country there are elements of opinion which would welcome such a conclusion because they wish to return to the #politics of the balance of power, unrestricted and unregulated armaments, international anarchy, and preparation for war.

Yes, #politics IS war without bloodshed and war is an extension of those #politics.

I deliberately did not read anything about the Vietnam War because I felt the #politics of the war eclipsed what happened to the veterans. The #politics were irrelevant to what this memorial was.

War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of #politics by different means.

#politics is war without bloodshed while war is #politics with bloodshed.

War is the continuation of #politics by other means.

War is not the continuation of #politics with different means, it is the greatest mass-crime perpetrated on the community of man.

#politics is war without bloodshed, while war is #politics with bloodshed.

When we are sick, we want an uncommon doctor when we have a construction job to do, we want an uncommon engineer, and when we are at war, we want an uncommon general. It is only when we get into #politics that we are satisfied with the common man.

War should be the #politics of last resort. And when we go to war, we should have a purpose that our people understand and support.

War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - #politics has no rules.

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education all #politics can do is keep us out of war.

The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of #politics to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own.

I am never going to have anything more to do with #politics or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting.

#politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in #politics many times.

I must study #politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.

Everybody in America is soft, and hates conflict. The cure for this, both in #politics and social life, is the same - hardihood. Give them raw truth.

Telling the truth, and confronting the challenge, is what #politics is about.