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The importance of good people in your life is just like the importance of #heartbeat
It is not visible but silently support your life

It´s not the color of our skin that divides our nation; it´s the condition of our #hearts.

Facts about the Human Body
#human_body is one the most Amazing things in the nature and every minute that passes it´s getting more excited to know #human #body. there are 20 #amazing facts we would like to add here.

The #difficulties come along to turn your #heart into #stone of ice. Only the flame of love is to keep it warm and soft. Some may deserve your love some may not. Keep loving anyway.

It is only with ‎#heart‬ that one can see rightly
What is ‎essential‬ is invisible to the eye.
Fox, little prince

A #heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

The #heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.

Best of all is it to preserve everything in a pure, still #heart, and let there be for every pulse a thanksgiving, and for every breath a song.

Dear Lord we beg but one boon more: Peace in the #hearts of all men living, peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving.

Write it on your #heart that every day is the best day in the year.

The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the #heart and the heavenly Father.

The babe at first feeds upon the mother’s bosom, but it is always on her #heart.

Mother is the name for God in the lips and #hearts of little children.

I will honor Christmas in my #heart, and try to keep it all the year.

The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it always is young, the #heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair, and its soul full of music breaks the air, when the song of angels is sung.

Christmas is, of course, the time to be home - in #heart as well as body.

If you haven’t got any charity in your #heart, you have the worst kind of #heart trouble.

Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the #heart.

Christmas... is not an external event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s #heart.

He who has not Christmas in his #heart will never find it under a tree.

Breast cancer is not just a disease that strikes at women. It strikes at the very #heart of who we are as women: how others perceive us, how we perceive ourselves, how we live, work and raise our families-or whether we do these things at all.

Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your #heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.

For his #heart was in his work, and the #heart giveth grace unto every art.

When I was younger I probably didn’t understand something basic about tact, but I think it kept faint-#hearted people at arm’s distance and that’s not such a bad thing, because life is short and I know the kind of people I want to work with.

Through selfless work, love of God grows in the #heart. Then through his grace one realize him in course of time. God can be seen. One can talk to him as I am talking to you.

In my #heart, I’m an Alabaman who went up north to work.

Blessed is the man who has some congenial work, some occupation in which he can put his #heart, and which affords a complete outlet to all the forces there are in him.

I know some people say I can be funny. But there is always a deeper meaning to what I say. I am a socialist at #heart and have the interests of the poor in mind. When people see how I manage to work my way out of tough situations, it gives them hope in their own life.

Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Love with #heart. ’Cause that’s all that matters in the end.

In action a great #heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head.