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fear lead the path to the dark side fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering.

people say nothing is impossible but I do nothing everyday

Dangerous freedom is not comparable with peaceful slavery.


While a man was polishing his new car his 6 yr old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car.

In anger the man took the child´s hand and hit it many times;
not realizing he was using a wrench.

At the hospital the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.

When the child saw his father...

with painful eyes he asked ´Dad when will my fingers grow back?´

The man was so hurt and speechless;
he went back to his car and kicked it a lot of times.

Devastated by his own actions.....
sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches;

the child had written ´LOVE YOU DAD´.

The next day that man committed suicide. . .

Anger and Love have no limits;
choose the latter to have a beautiful lovely life.....

Things are to be used and people are to be loved.

But the problem in today´s world is that

People are used and things are loved.

In this year let´s be careful to keep this thought in mind:

Things are to be used
but People are to be loved.

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions...

A #mistake that Makes you #humble is better than an #achievement that makes you #arrogant

Life Opens up Opportunities to you and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.

The beginning of wisdom is to desire it

The big art of living

People inspire you or they drain you pick them wisely

N is I
Nothing is Impossible.

#degree is the most #stupid thing I have ever seen #valuable knowledge comes from experience but education systems trying to push students to memorize things they will never use humans are grown up now and studying in this system is really slow for a nowaday #humans this must change or #removed completely its waste of time and energy.

Real love begins where nothing is expected in return.

An old Cherokee told his grandson: “My son there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger jealousy greed and resentment inferiority lies and ego. The other is good. It is joy peace love hope humility kindness empathy and truth.”
The boy thought about it and asked “Grandfather which wolf wins?”
The old man quietly replied “The one you feed

I would rather be hated for who i am then loved for someone i m not

It´s not the #circumstance that determines you It is what you are made of.

Be with someone that does not make you look like an ideot for being loyal with them

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.

#smile is one of the most #powerful and valuable asset given to the #human being !!!!! keep smiling !!!!!!

Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human acheivement

In the End it's just YOU vs YOU

Even if you haven’t done everything right, you can still come to God and ask Him for help and He will do something wonderful in your life if you will have faith.

if you want to grow, get outside of your comfort zone.

Don't worry about what people say behind your back,
they are the people who are always finding faults in your life instead of fixing the faults in their own life.

You can't change someone who doesn't see an issue in has action.

Before You Speak
T - is it True?
H - is it Helpful?
I - is it Inspiring?
N - is it Necessary?
K - is it Kind?

For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?